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Kent's Landscaping is recognized as a leader in providing landscape services in southern Alabama .  A significant portion of our maintenance efforts centers around water management.  With Alabama having a typical dry season as well as a typical wet season, it is vital to perform monthly irrigation inspections of the entire system to ensure that all irrigation components are properly functioning and the appropriate water consumption is being utilized.  We understand that water is a very valuable resource. Irrigation systems are designed to provide supplemental water to the turf and plant material. They are not designed to be the sole source of water. Given all the water restrictions that the state has placed on irrigation, it is imperative that the irrigation systems that are in place are fully functional at all times to maximize the efficiency of water consumption.  It is necessary to understand that too much water usage can be just as detrimental as too little water usage.  We also firmly believe that the chemical composition of the irrigation water can play a significant role in the effectiveness of the overall aesthetics of the landscape.

Our skilled technicians perform monthly irrigation inspections as well as perform a wide range of repairs from broken heads to pump problems. Our irrigation maintenance division is supervised by a licensed irrigation technician in each of our locations.

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“You’re family when you come to Kent's Landscaping."

Since 2006, Kent's Landscaping has been the most respected landscape care service company along the Gulf Coast.   When it comes to customer satisfaction, caring begins with the first call and continues through our courtesy follow-up visits.

We also a green-friendly landscaping company which of course helps provide a safe environment for the Alabama landscape, its residential and commercial properties, municipal properties, golf courses and homes.

We are the experts in lawns, trees and landscapes growing in the Gulf Coast region and work diligently to maintain their health and beauty.

Striving to provide the highest quality of landscape services and nursery stock available to our customers, we believe that this is best accomplished through the cultivation of our talented employees, who are the greatest asset of this organization

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